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Mother and Daughter Love

Hello Friends. Happy Hearts Trio has made it our mission to share Acts of Kindness with the world.  Join us as we unite with one another and make the home a better place.

Instructions (should you accept the challenge):

1- Proactively, choose one or more of the items below each week or month, and put it into action.

2- Smile,  Feel the satisfaction in helping someone else. Know that your contribution is greatly appreciated.

3- Repeat, again and again.

Acts of Kindness - Action Plan

1-   Give a bag of food to a homeless shelter           or food pantry.

2-   Let someone go in front of you when in            line somewhere.

3-   Buy a cup of coffee or meal for someone
       you don't know.

4-   Write an uplifting poem and share it.

5-   Tell someone you love them.

6-   Give away a book or CD.

7-   Give a gift basket to a first responder.

8-   Call a family member or friend you have
       not spoken to in awhile.

9-   Give school supplies to a school or 

10- Give an extra donation to a church.

11- Find a single parent and offer a helping
       hand (buy groceries, pay a utility bill, baby
       sit, provide an oil change to their car, pay         their rent, etc.)

12- Sing a song to a family member or
       friend... or even someone new!

13-  Give out a card or thank you note just

14-  Take flowers and crossword puzzle books
        to a nursing home or hospital.

15-  Have game night with your family or

16-  Hold someone's hand.

17-  Create and give an essentials backpack to
        a homeless person.

18-  Put a scripture or word of
        encouragement in an envelope with
        money inside and hand it to someone in            need.

19-  Hang up a "Smile, you are loved" signed
        up at home, the office, or around town.

20-  Do a chore around the house that you
        normally would not do.

21-  Read a book to a child.

22-  Pick up trash in your neighborhood.

23-  Tell a clean, positive, funny story.

24-  Reconnect with an old friend.
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